Tracy Esposito

Acting Industry Expert, Comedian. Public Speaker. Coach. Italian.


live comedy show with tracy esposito and friends!!!

Girls girls girls comedy show with one man!

Saturday August 25th
 8pm show/ 7:30pm seating
 MCC Valley Church
5730 Cahuenga Blvd.
Noho 91601

$12 cash cover at door or pay $13 via paypal (they might take a fee) 
Paypal: click on "Friends and Family" and send payment to:
no paypal account needed!! 

No Refunds after Friday August 24th

Come support live comedy! Tracy has all new material

Women empowered this year!





Tracy Esposito has been in the business for over 20 years.  Tracy's an actress, comedian, writer, and career coach for actors.   Tracy's career coaching has helped so many actors on all kinds of levels.  If an actor is just starting out, wants to get back in the business, or just feels stuck.

Tracy can help.  What makes Tracy stand out from others is she really cares about your acting career, and makes so many efforts for you to strive and feel confident.  Actors see her passion, and feel she really cares and they keep coming back.  She's like Mother Theresa with a headshot.

Through the years as an actress, and career coach Tracy knows and has worked with many casting directors in Los Angeles and some in New York.  She even has great relationships with Theatrical managers and Agents.  Tracy knows the business and the industry very well.

Over the years Tracy's seen her clients get on TV shows, films, and get good Agents/Managers and She understands the business of auditioning and casting.